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Top 10 best places visited in 2015


Is it weird to say that this is the first and last post of 2015 on my blog? Yes, haven’t written in a year here, but I am back now! With a top 10 best places visited in 2015, which were mentioned in many more other blogs I wrote for this year, but not on […]

Omaha Beach – amazing, impressi...


The words from the title pretty much sum up what Omaha Beach from Normandy is today. Yes, it is an amazing beach, with impressive views. What else is there, though, makes you feel weird and imagine everything that happened on June 6th 1944. Saint Laurent sur Mer is the actual place where at least part […]

Jersey Island: such French, much Brit...


Not a lot of people have heard that there is a small little island between Great Britain and France, called Jersey, which actually gave the name of New Jersey in the U.S. and that is not actually part of Great Britain even though it is part of Great Britain, they have their own printed currency […]

Conquering Mont St Michel


I can’t understand how have I been to Mont St. Michel and still didn’t write about it on the blog. Probably because it is an amazing place. Probably because I love it so much that I wanted to write something cool about it. But then again, all I can think of is sharing pictures of […]

Conquering Cote Sauvage


Wherever you go in France, you’ll for sure find something amazing. We know that already and I said it before like hundreds of times already. Now, if you don’t know what to do in a weekend and you are around Bretagne, in France, I recommend you to go to Cote Sauvage at Quiberon. It’s only […]

Dodgeball: An almost true underdog st...


Do you guys know the movie¬†Dodgeball: A true underdog story¬†starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn? Well, if you don’t, that movie is about the game called Dodgeball where you have to hit people with balls. Of course, there are some rules to it so it’s not that stupid as it sounds. Actually, it is a […]